Complex solutions

General information on the main types of critical systems, in which SPbEC Mining has vast experience at all stages of development under complete turn-key contracts, and whose implementation - governed by corresponding safety regulations of the Russian Federation - may result in significant benefits.

1. Automated Process Control System for Mineral Dressing and Abstraction
2. Automated Control System for Receipt, Withdrawal and Storage of Fuel and Lubricating Materials at Oil Plant
3. Automated Control System for Power Supply Facilities
4. Automated Operating Dispatch Control Systems for Open-Cut and Underground Mining Plants (AODCS)
5. Automated Production Control Systems (APCS)
6. Automated Control System for Mining and Transport Complex
7. Integrated Communication System
8. Underground multifunctional data transfer system
9. Automatedequipment in the systems of Online Dispatcher Control of mining enterprises with an underground or opencut mining (Automated Online Dispatcher Control System)
10. Power Feeding Equipment (220/110/6/0.69/0.4kV): surface and underground mine distribution substations, transformer plants, multifeeder compact control stations and frequency drivers
11. Wireless Emergency Alarm Systems for underground mining
12. Monitoring systems for staff and underground mining transport, produced with domestic or imported equipment
13. Gas Protection System and equipment for gas checking in underground mines and pits
14. Railway Vehicles Motion Control System for underground mining (Automated Control System of Signals and Interlocking of electrical haulage)
15. Automated Control & Protection Systems for main pumping and auxiliary appliances of the mines
16. Shaft Communication & Signals Systems of hoisting plants
17. Closed Circuit Television Systems both for an underground or open-cut mining
18. Control systems for mine-mill equipment and facilities, located at enriching and crushing and sizing plants
19. Underground Communication Systems and Equipment (incl. public address system)
20. Automatic Fire Extinguishing & Fire Alarm Systems (for surface and underground facilities)