6. Automated Control System for Mining and Transport Complex

Basic control system for loading and delivery complex (excavators, conveyor, vehicles and rail transport) ensures:

  • automatic data collection and real-time equipment control by means of high precision GPS positioning systems installed at every equipment unit;
  • automatic dispatching;
  • ore quality management;
  • operation control (dumptruck loading, motion speed, route observance, motor operation, fuel consumption rate, tire service);
  • monitoring of technical status and maintenance of equipment;
  • automated preparation of required reports.

The most important subsystems of the complex are as follows:

1. Ore mineral quality management is ensured by means of as follows:

  • accurate tracking of each loading for quality management of delivered ore minerals (M);
  • tracking of up to 200 material types, each of which can be described by 20 quality parameters;
  • meeting various requirements for ore mineral quality at individual receiving bunkers or consolidation warehouses;
  • bottom hole homogenizing – bottom-hole empty dumptruck dispatching in order to increase productivity without failure to meet ore mineral quality requirements;
  • ore flow controls at homogenizing warehouses.

2. Equipment maintenance monitoring by means of as follows:

  • logging of events and emergencies;
  • tracking of equipment critical components and timely predictive ordering of spare parts;
  • tire service monitoring (load weight, travel time, ton-kilometer calculation, critical values and alarm level determination);
  • fuel consumption rate monitoring;
  • shift-base and accumulative reporting (including downtimes and their reasons).

3. Apart from that, software and hardware tools of the complex allows to connect various technical equipment (pit sump, electrical facilities, etc.) to the pit dispatch system. Equipment support of the system includes as follows:

  • equipping of mining equipment with on-board computers;
  • implementation of complete radio infrastructure and GPS/Glonass;
  • implementation of pit dispatcher automated workstation.

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