2. Automated Control System for Receipt, Withdrawal and Storage of Fuel and Lubricating Materials at Oil Plant

The following tasks are performed by this automated control system:

  • monitoring of actual level in tanks;
  • alarms for critical levels in tanks;
  • commercial accounting of petroleum products while loading and unloading, and automated calculation of balance of petroleum products stored in tank batteries;
  • remote automated control of shut-off valves installed at inlet and outlet pipelines of service tanks;
  • monitoring of pressure in pump pressure pipelines;
  • monitoring of critical pre-explosive concentration of petroleum product vapours in pumping compartments;
  • checking of operating condition of gas analyzers;
  • checking of vehicle presence at loading/unloading rack;
  • remote control of a fire pumphouse;
  • checking of power availability at fire pumphouse cable entries and control system;
  • commercial accounting of petroleum products delivered to gas station;
  • levels in service fuel casks of gas station.
  • Software and hardware complex is built on the basis of as follows:

  • central redundant processing controller with explosion proof and intrinsically safe circuits and digital Fieldbus;
  • central operator station located in a bureau-gatehouse;
  • field level of the system is based on Endress+Hauser equipment and Aumamaic actuators for ball shut-off valves;
  • level sensors of unheated tanks are installed in electric heated cabinets with explosion proof heaters.

Siemens and Rockwell Automation equipment shall be considered as hardware and software complexes preferred for automation of this technology.

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