5. Automated Production Control Systems (APCS)

Main cost items are execution and support of industrial and manufacturing processes of the mining processing plant. Important component that influences economic efficiency of the plant is solving, at the state-of-art level, of problems of management accounting, control and monitoring of production activities. The mentioned problems are related to physical parameters of the manufacturing process, raw material, finished products and resources, as well as their changes with time (productive capacity, quality ratings, expenses, man-hours, etc), but not financial indicators.

All industrial processes are described in figures whose quantity may be relatively large as for a single process, as for a complex of processes. These figures help professionals to control processes, analyse their behaviour and make decisions related to process equipment operation and process control. These figures are also used for preparation of various reports. Quality of the decisions made largely depends on how timely and in what form is the process figure data received. This task is accomplished by an informational process accounting system intended for timely collecting and processing of process data, as well as for their representation for subsequent operating analysis and preparation of necessary reports.

Except operating personnel, principal users of the system are technicians and engineers, management staff of the mining plant who participate in production management (chief engineer, chief process engineer, master mechanic, chief power engineer, economist, engineers of various operations services). Therefore, it is engineers, technicians and managers of the plant who shall be capable to monitor and control those parameters. Efficient management requires a specific tool that ensures transparency of production process by making adequate and reliable information available when it is required, where it is required and in the form it is required, as well as timely transfer and implementation of control actions. Such tools are informational systems, which ensure collection, processing, transfer, accounting and representation of production and technical data.

The CUSTOMER is offered with an informational manufacturing control system (IMCS) comprising of three interrelated systems that ensure automation of the most critical functions of production and technical process control:

  • process figures accounting system (PFAS);
  • equipment maintenance and repair system (EMRS);
  • automated storage system (STORAGE).

APCS data sources are individual local process control systems specified in sections 1…4.

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