1. Automated Process Control System for Mineral Dressing and Abstraction

Automation of dressing and abstraction processes makes it possible to get efficient primary and auxiliary production by means of constant logging and analysis of basic parameters, unmanned automatic control, timely corrections. It also allows to enhance process equipment operation safety and improve abstraction of high-value products.

“Spbec-Mining” has sufficient experience of cooperation with various dressing plants in a field of automation of the following shops and areas:

  • coarse and medium crusher housings;
  • ore pretreatment area with ball and autogenous grinding mills with automated optimization of their load and subsequent hydraulic separation;
  • screening areas with controlled systems of milled ore hydraulic transportation units;
  • foam (flotation), heavy medium, XRF, magnetic, gravity, grease separation areas;
  • main and intershop systems of conveyor transport with transfer groups and hopper storage systems;
  • concentrate baking areas;
  • finishing shops;
  • quality control departments;
  • automated systems for taking and analysis of samples, including those for on-stream analysis;
  • areas of tail facilities, pure and recycling water supply with variable frequency drive systems;
  • sewage works and waterworks areas;
  • compressor plants;
  • heat supply and ventilation systems;
  • boiler plants with fuel storage farms;
  • separate central and integrated heat supply stations and pumping facilities of cold and hot water supply;
  • electric power supply areas.

Siemens and Rockwell Automation equipment shall be considered as hardware and software complexes preferred for automation of this technology.

“Spbec-Mining” realizes complexity and peculiarity of every dressing plant. In close cooperation with General design unit of the CUSTOMER and developer of apparatus lines process flow diagram, it is ready to design and implement any required automation systems, including based on high- and low-voltage variable frequency drives.

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