4. Automated Operating Dispatch Control Systems for Open-Cut and Underground Mining Plants (AODCS)

This system is designed for automation of the following processes:

  • acquisition of equipment parameters and status information of main and auxiliary mine facilities,
  • processing, storage and displaying of information received,
  • equipment remote control;
  • identification and elimination of emergency conditions at facilities;
  • transfer of data to operating and dispatching personnel;
  • transfer of data to workstations of the mine management, chief specialists, and specialized area foremen (as summary report forms).

Implementation of the system aims at the following objectives:

  • improve safety of operations;
  • reduce number of accidents and equipment downtimes;
  • reduce the time necessary for elimination of emergency conditions;
  • reduce unproductive expenses of energy resources;
  • improve quality and operational flexibility of managerial decisions;
  • improve quality of process control;
  • enhance organization and technical level of operations;
  • increase ore output.

The system generally implements the following functions:

  • automated data control operation mode;
  • automated collection, processing, storage, archiving and representation of mine status data;
  • centralized monitoring of process equipment status;
  • remote control of equipment to be performed by dispatchers within the rights they are granted;
  • indirect measurement (calculation) and и accounting of the main process technical and economic figures;
  • composite rating and forecast of facility status;
  • automatic report preparation.

List of subsystems proposed for design and implementation:

  • “Aerogas monitoring, automatic gas protection, automatic ventilation of blind drifts” subsystem (AGM, AGP, AVBD);
  • “Automatic fire-extinguishing installations” subsystem;
  • “Electric power supply” subsystem;
  • “Ventilation” subsystem;
  • “Water pumping” subsystem;
  • “Backfill” subsystem;
  • “Lifiting plants” subsystem;
  • “Air supply” subsystem;
  • “Mining” subsystem;
  • “Heat-water-gas-supply” subsystem;
  • “Freezing of rocks” subsystem;
  • “Emergency response plan” subsystem;
  • “Communication” subsystem;
  • “CCTV” subsystem;
  • “Personnel and underground transportation monitoring” subsystem.

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