7. Integrated Communication System

This system is an integrated voice communications system of the mining processing plant based on digital switching core of corporate and production automatic telephone system (CPATS of Coral or Hi-path type), which ensures:

  • production automatic telephone communication with access to public switched telephone networks and operational communications for managers;
  • dispatch telephone and loudspeaker communication with all facilities, including remote ones;
  • loudspeaker process communication and alarming with flow digital integration (Е1) into a common number field of ATS, based on the Intron-D equipment;
  • operative mobile radio communication with operating personnel and transport drivers based on microcellular or trunking systems of standards DECT, MPT, TETRA;
  • automatic redial and notification of the relevant user list upon implementation of emergency response plan, registration of successful notification and presentation of list of non-notified users;
  • monitoring and wireless alarm reporting of underground personnel based on equipment of Becker Mining Systems, SUBR-1P + SPGT-41 (when necessary).

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