8. Underground multifunctional data transfer system

The underground multifunctional data transfer system is an innovative elaboration in data transfer area and it is built on the basis wireless networking technology in accordance with IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBEE, 6LoWPAN).

The system is intended for solving relevant tasks of collection and transfer of process data, current location data from mobile (including personnel) and stationary underground facilities by means of general purpose, combined communication medium composed of single-mode optical cables, copper cables RS-485, wireless radio networks (including those based on the Mаsh wireless technology).

Underground multifunctional data transfer system provides the following basic functions and capabilities:

Positioning in mine openings and data acquisition from vehicles:

  • automatic continuous identification and monitoring of the vehicle location;
  • logging of transport locations with a database;
  • check points passage time;
  • amount of rock mass transported;
  • voice communication between drivers and the mine dispatcher;
  • acquisition and transfer of data from sensors and underground vehicles: operating hours, fuel consumption, engine rpm, temperature and pressure of oil, water, exhaust gas, etc.;
  • transfer of alarms and emergency messages from on-board vehicle control systems to the mine dispatcher;
  • off-line operation and data backlog in underground local controllers in case of failure of backbone data transfer networks;
  • “vehicle-dangerous-approach-to-underground-personnel” alarm (with an option of vehicle emergency braking).

Personnel positioning in underground mine openings:

  • automatic continuous identification and monitoring of the personnel location in underground part of the mine;
  • logging of personnel location with a database;
  • warning alarms and individual calls by means of pit cap lamp flashing;
  • transmission of data from portable gas analyzers held by underground personnel.

Voice streaming

  • voice communication between underground personnel and the mine dispatcher by means of mobile phones;
  • availability of dedicated voice transfer channels selected by a certain program setting;
  • connectivity to digital ATS via standard interfaces with ability to use additional ATS features (conference communication, auto redial, call forwarding, etc.);
  • connectivity to communication equipment at the ground level with establishment of united area for surface and underground telephone communication.

Closed circuit TV system (CCTV)

  • video data transfer from fixed CCTV cameras installed in underground and surface parts of mine openings;
  • video data transfer from fixed CCTV cameras installed on machines and vehicles;

Data collection from wireless sensors and systems with wireless interfaces

  • data collection from transport and fixed tags;
  • data collection from underground personnel tags;
  • data collection from fixed wireless sensors.

UMDTS hardware complex diagram shown in figure includes system-wide equipment installed at the ground level of mines, pits, underground communication facilities installed in mine openings, on vehicles and hand-held devices of underground personnel.


System-wide equipment consists of servers with dedicated software, switches, marshalling cabinets, workstations and intercom system of mine dispatchers.

Structure diagram of underground communication equipment is drawn up on the basis of principle of segmented coverage, i.e. one set of wireless communication stationary equipment is able to cover mine opening segment at a distance up to 1.2 km depending on bends and slopes of mine openings.

One set includes:

  • controller FB400 with wireless communication management and switching software -1 pcs;
  • general-purpose reader UATR-610 – up to 8 readers can be connected to one controller;
  • intrinsically-safe switch BCOM - 1 pcs.;
  • power supply unit MPI-40-2.0-2.0 - 1 pcs.;
  • optical marshalling cabinet FO Box- 1 pcs.;
  • cabling and wiring products – required amount of cable in accordance with general-purpose readers layout.

Due to low power consumption of wireless devices, it is possible to minimize the number of power supply units.

Communication equipment installed on vehicles and machines comprises the following:

  • controller FB400 with wireless communication management and switching software -1 pcs;
  • general-purpose reader UATR-610 - 1 pcs;
  • underground video camera - 1 pcs (option);
  • tag - 1 pcs (option).

Hand-held devices of underground personnel includes the following:

  • mobile phone MP03;
  • tag;
  • portable gas analyzer (option).

Equipment specifications

Controller FB400.BSE:

  • version: I M1 Ex ia I;
  • temperature range: -20..40°C;
  • protection class: IP55;
  • licensed software;
  • 2 optical communication channels;
  • 4 RS-485 interfaces;
  • supply voltage: 12 VDC;
  • power consumption: 0.2 W.

General-purpose reader UATR-610:

  • version: I M1 Ex ia I;
  • 4 RS-485 interfaces, up to 4 Mb/s;
  • 2 100BaseFХ interfaces;
  • radio channel: frequency range 2.4 GHz (data and voice), up to 2 Mb/s, supports protocols 802.15.4 (ZigBEE, 6LoWPAN);
  • flexible configuration system;
  • coverage: 1 module – up to 400 m, 1 bus – up to 1 200 m;
  • built-in function of object distance measuring (Mash);
  • temperature range: 0…40°C;
  • protection class: IP67;
  • supply voltage: 12 VDC;
  • power consumption: less than 0.1 W.

Managed BCOM Switch:

  • version: I M1 Ex ia I;
  • temperature range: 0…40ОС;
  • protection class: IP55;
  • 8 optical communication channels;
  • 4 wired communication channels;
  • communication channels redundancy
  • supply voltage: 12 VDC.

Mobile phone MP03:

  • version: I M1 Ex ia I;
  • temperature range: 0..50ОС;
  • protection class: IP54;
  • weight: about 200 g;
  • rechargeable lithium-ion cell 1800 mAh;
  • supported standards;
    • 802.11b/g (WiFi);
    • 802.15.4 (ZigBee);
  • data transmission rate: up to 54 Mbps (WiFi), up to 2 Mbps (ZigBee).

Video camera BBK :

  • version: Exd I Х;
  • temperature range: 0..40ОС;
  • protection class: IP54.

Power supply unit SVI-40-2.0-2.0:

  • version: Exs ia I;
  • temperature range: -25..40ОС;
  • protection class: IP65;
  • input voltage: 90-250 VAC/120-375 VDC;
  • output voltage: 12 VDC (Uo=12,3VDC);
  • output current - 2 outputs x 2A (Io= 2/1.8A);
  • interface: RS485;
  • 2 discrete outputs;
  • back-up time: 20 h at full-load.

Tag TVT0-810:

  • version: I M1 EEx ia I;
  • temperature range: -40..70ОС;
  • protection class: IP66;
  • high reliability and environmental resistance;
  • transfer of tag identifier ID, battery status;
  • service life without battery changing: min. 5 years.

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