Camera MFSV

Camera MFSV

Camera MFSV

Multifunction video surveillance set MFSV is designed for organization of a CCTV system in gas- and dust hazardous mine and pit openings. It allows real-time video streaming to local area network without complex tuning. Connection to the LAN is realized via optical port with fiber-optic cable. Camera software (camera web server client ) for installation on a PC or a terminal intended for viewing of video images is included in the scope of supply.

Product identification: 
Area of application: 
Underground mine and pit openings including gas- and coal dust hazardous ones.
General characteristics: 

Specifications of explosion-proof webcam ВВК.ХХ:

Explosion-proofness marking:

· РВ Ex d I X Ех ор pr 1500C Mb

Electric power supply:

· supply voltage: 85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz

· supply voltage: 120-370 VDC

· current consumption: max. 0.35 A

· maximum power consumption: 20 W

Cable glands:

· thread diameter for cable gland installation: М20

· number of cable glands: 1…3

· cable gland types: E1FX, E1FW

· cable outer sheath diameter, min. – max.: 6.1 … 20.9

· cable inner sheath diameter, min. – max.: 3.1…14.0

· armour thickness: for E1FX – 1 mm, for E1FW– 0.9 … 1.25

Video parameters:

· sensor type: 2 megapixels, colour

· max. resolution: 1920x1080

· sensitivity: day- 0.5 lx, night – 0.01 lx

· framing rate with max. sensitivity, up to: 15 frame/sec

· picture control parameters: brightness, contrast ratio, tint, colour saturation, sharpness, exposure, security mask, auto white balance.

· armour thickness: for E1FX – 1 mm, for E1FW– 0.9 … 1.25

Network and interfaces:

· network interface: 100Base-FX

· network protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, ICMP, SMTP, DHCP, IGMP,HTTP, FTP

· netwotk connection: DHCP, static address

· security: multi-level user access with password protection

· number of connections: up to 10 concurrent connections


· Control: Web interface, professional software (included in the scope of supply)

· system requirements: MicrosoftWindows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 (32 bit)

Operating conditions:

· operating temperature: 0 … +400С

· storage temperature: -20 … +600С

· ingress protection, at least: IP56

· mean lifetime: at least 6 years


· overall dimensions (mm), max.: 410x150x150

· weight (kg), max.: 14

Specifications of media converter МВК-102-ХХ:


· operating temperature: 0 … +400С

· storage temperature: -20 … +600С

· ingress protection, at least: IP21

· overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm), max.: 100x80x25

· product weight without package (kg), max.: 0.5

Electric power supply:

· rated supply voltage: 12 V

· supply voltage range: 10…18 V

· maximum current consumption: 0.25 A

Network and interfaces:

· maximum current consumption: 0.25 A

· total numer of network interfaces: 2

· types of network interfaces: port 1:10/100Base-TX-1 pcs, port 2: 100Base-FX – 1 pcs.

· type of connection for port 1 (10/100Base-TX): RJ-45

· type of connection for port 2 (100Base-FX): SC(PC)

· networking standards: IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.1p/q/d

· networking: duplex/half-duplex

· interface МАС addresses: individual adresses for each port

· interface connection monitoring 10/100Base-TX (port 1): HPAuto-MDI-X

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