Controller FB400.BSE

Controller FB400.BSE

Controller FB400.BSE

Intended for control and switching of wireless communication networks in underground pit and mine openings, including gas- and coal dust hazardous ones.
Product identification: 
Area of application: 
Underground mine and pit openings including gas- and coal dust hazardous ones.
General characteristics: 

Programmable contoller FB400.BSE is used in undrground mine openings, including gas- and dust hazardous ones. It is intended for automation of tasks of personnel location determination, transportation units positionioning and condition monitoring, switching and transmission of voice packages, reception of data from various wireless sensors and systems, transmission of data to the server. Controllers are installed on DIN rails in enclosures of various standard sizes.


· explosion-proofness marking in accordance with GOST R IEC 60079-0-2011: Ex I M1 EEx ia I

· rated supply voltage: 6..16 V

· current consumption: max. 120 mA (1.44 W/12 V)

· interfaces: 2х100FX Ethernet + 4хRS485

· RS485 data transmission rate: up to 8 Мbps

· processor: ARM Cortex-M4F 168MHz/512RAM/2MB Flash

· operating system: multitask RTOS

· programming system: standard IEC-1131

Ingress protection

· in accordance with GOST 14254-96: IP67

· climatic version type in accordance with GOST 15150-69: NF5*


· overall dimensions (mm), max: 200x110x40

· weight (kg), max: 0.3

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