Design Works by sections

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Design works must be performed at the state-of-art level, in accordance with Degree No.87 of the Government of the Russian Federation, GOST 21.101-97 (documentation may be prepared in accordance with European standards system).

  • 220, 110, 35, 10, 6, 0.4 kV power supply (including: diesel power stations, main and auxiliary step-down substations and electric mains (cable, overhead);
  • electric drive and automation (including variable-frequency drive);
  • electrical equipment;
  • electric lighting;
  • uninterruptible power systems for low-current equipment;
  • lightning protection;
  • automated operating dispatch control systems for open-cut and underground mining plants;
  • automated systems (of all types, including: automated dispatch control systems, automated information and measuring systems of commercial energy metering, automatic control systems of relay protection and automation, power quality automated control systems for facility power supply systems, MES, PI, ERP);
  • integrated plant communication systems;
  • automatic fire fighting, alarm, fire alert;
  • integrated site security systems (CCTV, intrusion alarm (including perimeter) systems, access control systems, data collection, processing and storage systems, uninterruptible power systems);
  • intrasite and area structural cable systems for data and voice transmission, including radio systems for communication with remote objects;
  • auxiliary elements of engineering support facilities and structures of buildings (related to primary designed systems).

Engineering Services

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  • technical evaluation of facilities, as well as analysis of design and operating documentation (process, electrotechnical) in order to assess a possibility of further equipment integration with complex automated systems and creation of corresponding facility management organizational structure;
  • pre-design technical and commercial variant study case of a concept of automated and communication systems development, including initial or technical requirements drawing up (together with the CUSTOMER);
  • selection of relevant equipment for automation of power supply systems;
  • technical and commercial comparison of equipment options, analysis and feasibility verification of the best option selection taking into account the price-quality ratio;
  • technical and commercial calculations and feasibility verifications of automated systems implementation;
  • participation in preparation of initial requirements for large-scale customized process equipment;
  • commissioning.

Complete Equipment Delivery

Civil and Installation Works